New collage work – Available

I have been pretty busy doing collages as I travel here in Taiwan, mostly in my sketch books, where I draw, paint, cut and glue, inspired by the world and people I’m discovering and the creative process itself.

If you would like to support my work, please take a look at my online print shop and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy, I have chosen to add my images to Redbubble to sell, as I feel it is reasonably priced, and they ship worldwide, if you have seen another artwork of mine not yet on my shop, which you would like to buy there, please get in-touch, I will do my best to upload it and make it available asap, and if you have other ideas please share. Thanks, Sam.

Robot up-cycling in Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village

I went to Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei on Monday, it’s worth noting that spaces are open after lunch, and check the website for events to make sure spaces are open, I like to just roll up and discover, just check the opening time is my usual routine, at first it seemed not much was open biut after a little perseverance I found a few interesting spaces, these are working/exhibition studios, and a great opportunity in many cases to meet the artist.

I discovered artist resident Kjohn, he makes robots and spaceships from recycled electronics, these were pretty cool and reminded me of making stuff from Lego when I was a kid. The great potential of art is to continue doing the things that we started out with, that we had a passion for doing, when we didn’t have to deal with the complexities and pressures that adult life and society can often push onto us, Kjohn’s work reminded me of my childhood creative explorations.

Flashing lights and up-cycled electronics, what a great combination.

Thanks for doing what you do Kjohn, and helping to reignite my inner child and the creative freedom that allowing him to play will bring in my life.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Dragon Boats in Yilan

Near to where I was staying in Yilan County, there is a water park, where Dragon Boats are based and they just hosted a Dragon Boat festival. Unfortunately I didn’t see the festival itself, due to lack of organisation, but had the opportunity to film some of the try outs. This is one of the few times I have seen them, so I decided to go the extra mile and besides making this post, I also made a short video (below) to learn and share a few facts about this festival, a tradition of more than 2000 years.

Photos and words are great at connecting us with whats going on, but video I feel, adds a more immersive “matter of fact” depiction and less for the imagination to do, so here is a short video of the dragon boat practice, with a few facts thrown in for added value.

I hope you found this informative, I really enjoy spending time focusing on these festivals and cultural events, I feel they connect us with our humanity, our sense of belonging and society, in so many ways, growing community, to come together, in a cool looking boat, facing a difficult challenge together, thanks for reading, Sam.

Suho Paper Museum Taipei

This was a very interesting place to visit, and quite hard to find, it took a couple of attempts, but I persevered, as I work a lot with paper, making collage and working with sketchbooks, as well as gluing to walls.

The Suho paper museum showed the making process and examples of paper types as you’d expect. I had the opportunity to make some paper myself, which was pretty fast and simple, though the preparation of materials and tools, plus the space needed is quite complicated, thankfully I could just roll in and do it, to experience the end process. I have considered making paper as a part of my creative process, but as I’ve mentioned it requires the right facilities, whereas if I buy paper, my options are far wider and I can focus on the image making, but perhaps one day, or I’ll just do more workshops where they’ve already done the hard part.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Ecological park – clean up

I have often felt annoyed at how we humans leave our trash everywhere, especially when out in nature, places that would otherwise be serene and beautiful are scattered with packaging.

Normally I walk on, only to be faced with more trash here and there as I progress, but something I’ve been working with lately is to take action on things I am able to do something about in the here and now.

So I grabbed a discarded carrier bag and started filling it with all the rubbish I could find, scouring the verges and bushes as I walked. There was plenty, also plenty of mosquitoes and dirt, but I managed to clear the path, 4 bags full, which I dumped in one spot at the entrance.

It was messy and took some focus to not be distracted, into not doing the clean up, by my many excuses, but ultimately it felt good to firstly clean the way for myself, but also for other people, I hope people will think twice about dumping their trash if the place is clean to begin with.

This is my habit now, to take the opportunity to pick up a few pieces of trash left by others, as I am also sure people are cleaning up after me, but mainly it gives me a sense of achievement, and less annoyance at the trash I see in those otherwise beautiful places.

Thanks for reading, Sam.