Art Battle

Noisy pressure kerfuffle,  beer music chit chat,  concentrated focus,  pushing the paint through myself to the canvas,  calm in disorder,  disorder under force,  forced flow,  gesture letting go,  going with the,  not know,  to need not.

Bookworm Literary Festival Beijing – AI

So I have been shooting photos for The Book Worm literary festival in Beijing check it out if your in town, its on until Sunday the 31st of March, my next few posts will be about the events I’ve photographed, some very interesting stuff, including author talks and performances, first up AI Superpowers, the author…


I want to be important, to make myself felt, to send ripples through the cosmos, for the dust to be less settled, see me I’m here, money power authority, my life must be more worthwhile, than those who do nothing, more than smile, I know so much not ignorant, a speck of dust with real…

Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood

I spotted this photography challenge yesterday and decided to post the following three images, they were taken a month ago in my neighbourhood, here in Beijing, the area is called Jingsong District, it is a bit run down, by some people’s accounts. But personally I prefer places which have some history, because they look and…


Wrong side towards bright, feels right, in the UK not right, ring the bell to notify, ready to shift to not die, electric petrol pedal foot, this way and that, here there everywhere, predictably unpredictable, get from the start to the end, without ending.

Skiing Scared

I was one, now I’m not, just go, fall, and go again, soon I’ll know, how to fall, to stand, and turn, only my body can remember, my mind just a small recall, fall, stand, slide, turn, stop, body knowledge to mind, just never mind, and be kind.

River Ice

Fish dead, turtle dead, ice the price, morning walk, silence, hear the still, gripped in ice, river of life, river of death, shiver, cosy warm, life suspended, life ended, disease and decay, now its melting, releasing those within, to float freely, settle some place, mold and rot, take hold, cells atoms, to break and release,…