collage art

I make abstract college, focusing on organic textures, pattern and simple shapes, my work is inspired by nature. I like to use what already exists and look for ways to manipulate and organise it into a good composition, I focus on my feeling around each work, assess to progress or discard based on intuition and gut instinct, through fearless trial and error. My work is available as prints.


Made on a farm, near Daxi, Taiwan, here is my write up about this textile project.

On Walls

Created in the wetlands of Yilan, at the Happy Snail B&B, near to Luodong City, Taiwan, here is my write up for more in-depth details, about the ideas and making of this work.

Whilst teaching at a school in Beijing I saw that there were many white walls, and no art, naturally I felt driven to change that, so started on a few works around the school, here is my blog post about this project, Limai school, Beijing


Some of my favourite sketchbook collages