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Here are the projects I’m currently working on, or that are on hold waiting for support. See if there is anything you find interesting and consider supporting their production.



I’m still working on the title, but it’s a story about West meets East, two dragons happen upon each other and the tale ensues, I’m thinking specifically of a Welsh dragon and Chinese dragon, using their generic traditional looks and characteristics for the basis of this tale, I’m not sure what the out come will be yet, but maybe a illustrated book will be nice to do. I’ve just started to sketch character ideas so not going to post any visual stuff just yet.


This is an old character, that I have been developing recently, vectorising and making him ready to move about as a puppet, he is a bit of a punk, crazy but quite cool, I do need to do a proper character bio and pose sheet, to really get to know who he is and start to hopefully see what interesting fun stories can happen.

Waiting for funding

Camino Animation

This is a story about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, which I walked in 2011, I have already made a short picture book about this and it has been storyboarded, pending edit and improvements, the original idea was to make a stop motion film, but after sending quite a long time making puppets and finally relocating to China, the project was put on hold, but it remains in the back of my head and I feel it needs to be made, sooner or later, at the moment I am thinking of either animating it in VR, so it would be digital puppets or to do it in After Effects, I like both options as I want to use real textures, using photos and drawn elements, as well as 3D cameras and lighting, to really help create the atmosphere of hot, sunny, dusty, walking and of a uncomfortable heavy back pack.

Sid the Drunken Fish

This is an idea originally from my course, a 1 year part time ABC certificate in animation, taken at the College of Communication in London, I may do something fun with this, need to look again at it and decide what to change, I was not sure if this would be a bit offensive towards those connected with alcoholism, but actually most people in the UK get drunk regularly or have done, it is a normal thing to do, and this is really just about drunken antics, so anyway it’s also on the back burner, until the right time, let me know if this project interests you.

I need your support

Please help me to make more independent animations, any amount is appreciated and goes towards me developing and making these and other projects independently, which means they are not sponsored by corporations and profit driven enterprises, a person to person creative process, I would also prefer not to mess up this site or my creative work with advertising. See my blog to find out what sort of projects I have been doing.