So who is Eric? He’s a crazy guy, maybe my alternate ego, more insulting and rude though, maybe, though I’m still playing with him and what he will be. I’ve been developing Eric visually recently, though he has existed behind the scenes for at least 10 years, and waiting to come to life, here I’m…


So Sid is a fish, who likes to get drunk, or perhaps an alcoholic, making a joke about alcoholism, I’m not sure about, probably not good taste, unless it can be done in an informative way maybe, though why would a person identify themselves as being an alcoholic and then take offence at fun being…


Ok, so this is a little character I created whilst on my PGdip in character animation at Saint Martins College, London (excuse the name drop) it has been a few years, but I do quite like him, time can be helpful in noticing if we still like something, or it has become ugly and stale….


Wrong side towards bright, feels right, in the UK not right, ring the bell to notify, ready to shift to not die, electric petrol pedal foot, this way and that, here there everywhere, predictably unpredictable, get from the start to the end, without ending.


So a while ago I was working on my Camino animation, when I say a while I mean 6+ years, it has been a while and nothing much has happened with it, but this is one of those projects that just hangs there in the back of my mind, looking at the storyboard I feel…

Strength and Weakness

The same, the scale, left to right, never ending, pendulum of life, don’t hold it up, not block it’s swing, it’s flow, through thick and thin.


My greatest fear is to be stagnant, impotent, incompetent, I may fail and fall short, not reach the mark, not be good enough, all those things that help me, to be, to push me, my friends and family, to push ourselves to magnificence, personal significance, to change like a river of thunder, never ending drastic…