Fear of difference, without, and necessarily within, focus on one side of a coin, brings the other, in equal amount, hate another hate yourself, love another love yourself, focus on what to be, create a growing destiny, fill the hole of despair, with connectedness, with me and others, separate or unite, fear or bravery.

Difference the same

Slightly contrasting, spectrum of colours, painted on one canvas, what makes me special, random difference, or difference earned, significance random, skilled apart, eager for specialness, from imagined difference, require inequality for a chance to be, more than normal.

Masculine feminine

What are we, a slight difference, genetic indiference, nothing too significant, enough to procreate, in fact the same, the opposite of one, divided by genitalia, chemical reaction, perceptual attraction, close enough to know, animal like distraction, necessary seduction.

First day in Taipei

I’m in Taipei until Wednesday, and on a mission to make some stories. I arrived at around 11.30 today, from Beijing, met my friend Phu and family from Vietnam, for a coffee and lovely catch up. Now I’m sitting in my hostel after I spent a few hours walking around the local area. I grabbed…

Free eyes

Screen out loud, water eyes cry, owned by big brother, not sister or mother, looking to discover, absorb all there is, property looking rights, given freely, to not be, here doing nothing, or making, sitting looking, at you, me, us, them, together, apart, consume endlessly, hours pointlessly, indiscriminately, time unpaid.


Why not curd, is this absurd, typo observed, subway watch, social media batch, don’t disturb, focus on the current, electric, watching excessive, make you hectic, dialectic, nothing impressive, just obsessive.