Up and Down

The waves of life, good and bad is the way it is, happy and sad the way we be, positive and negative the real reality, but it doesn’t make sense to me, to step into a burning fire continually, to be positive takes a focus, expensive it is, a priceless commodity, not appreciated by those…


Words, pictures, sound, and 3D, maybe its the same to me, how to express our creativity, not suppressed by category, and rules imposed by society, words, pictures, sound, and 3D, cross borders, freedom to roam, beyond these fictional walls, walls on fiction, creative prison, internment, a detriment, brain creative, independently dependent, words, pictures, sound, and…

Skiing Scared

I was one, now I’m not, just go, fall, and go again, soon I’ll know, how to fall, to stand, and turn, only my body can remember, my mind just a small recall, fall, stand, slide, turn, stop, body knowledge to mind, just never mind, and be kind.


I popped on to Facebook quick, like dope to me, even the pope has a page, probably not him though, fact or not I don’t know, wandering mind trapped in data, please like me, I don’t wanna be lonely, digital thumbs up make my life purposeful, river walks and forest talks aside, a hundred likes…

Shell Shock

Too many heavy knocks,  blind stupidity,  fear of stylish ineptitude,  and determined effort,  failed cohesion and logic,  instructed and cushioned,  hard lesson in humility,  paid for physically,  be helped thankfully.

River Ice

Fish dead, turtle dead, ice the price, morning walk, silence, hear the still, gripped in ice, river of life, river of death, shiver, cosy warm, life suspended, life ended, disease and decay, now its melting, releasing those within, to float freely, settle some place, mold and rot, take hold, cells atoms, to break and release,…

I need your help

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