Re-using plastic bags as 3d modeling material

So I am concerned about our environment, and particularly interested in plastic waste, and really enjoy papiere mache, so decided to combine these different things together.

Newspaper and sketch paper on mass of plastic bags.

I have often thrown away plastics without a thought, but due to my upbringing often cannot bare to throw away food, considering that plastic takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and food takes days or weeks, this seems unbalanced, an unbalanced education and society that perceives plastic as disposable and food as of higher value.

Morphing into something, plastic bag mass, wrapped in newspaper and recycled artworks.

Plastic bags are very convenient, light weight, clean and low cost. I believe our error is that we see the cost as, only how cheap and how much easier the use of these plastics makes our daily lives, and of course it will take a habit change and some inconvenience to stop using them. We generally push the blame onto others and are not very conscious of how we will be benefited by taking action ourselves, everything we do has a result, each piece of plastic creates a negative impact on our environment, on our psyche, we are our environment, if we take a moment to consider that we are what we consume, and will return to the dust, beside plastic trash, at some later stage, we are out lived by plastic bags, what an interesting thought.

Perhaps an alien is evolving here.

Thanks for reading.