No show

Empathy I can know

sometimes I do not show either I know

life has a flow

show and no show

left right straight

find the middle way

not too much can sway me from my way

A river by rocks does flow

does not need to know

just does go where it can and not worry about the blocks

How do you sell art when it just looks like your having a holiday!

Painting water colours in a cafe, people get paid for this, but does feel like a glorious way to spend time and I feel people may resent this, maybe just in my mind, so I try to minimise it, also can only drink so much coffee in one day, as long as I get in 5 hours of production time in everyday, then I feel like am actually a full time artist/student.

Starting with a few hours of acrylics in the morning, afternoon walk and watercolours, cafe and maybe a few pictures there, but also downloading tutorials and connecting with people, sometimes the odd portrait, but I really do find this break in the day helps push me onwards.