Abstract Watercolours

Abstract Watercolours
Today I have 3 new works to share, experimental and abstract, I am relating these to my thoughts about life, which is influenced by life in SE Asia and an interest in thought processes, and self improvement, perhaps you will see something totally different, I hope so.


Eyes, unblinking and watching, a formidable sea beast, lifting and shaking the water from it’s head, setting out to challenge the day ahead. Perhaps we each see something of ourselves, a mirror on our experience and position of mind in the moment. Preconceptions red and yellow, active, warm and new, half complete circles for eyes, empty and opening on a new day, shaking off past uselessness’s, opening to opportunity and growth, we are what we are and so much more if we allow it.
“Calm Between”
Deep in the ocean a battle wages, red and yellow, a shell to protect, from the quick attacks of red creatures that need to feed, the ocean, calm, blue, green, providing a flow to mix and keep things moving along, helping those dancing, with life and death. Perhaps we can protect ourselves from the unnecessary and just deal with the things we can progress with, allow ourselves to settle into the calm all around us, observant and ready for action.

“Crests and Troughs”

The ocean, forms flexing and morphing, effortless, continually flowing, a pattern of differences, all waves are different but also similar, calm and stormy, but never considering the what ifs and buts of it all, can a lesson be learned from our most precious resource?

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and words, at the moment I am trying to improve my art writing, so I hope this will come through in these updates, with more interesting descriptions, feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks for reading

P.S I have just uploaded a video about interactive art, featuring the LamDinao (Makey Makey outside Vietnam) and a Interactive Art Lesson

How do you sell art when it just looks like your having a holiday!

Painting water colours in a cafe, people get paid for this, but does feel like a glorious way to spend time and I feel people may resent this, maybe just in my mind, so I try to minimise it, also can only drink so much coffee in one day, as long as I get in 5 hours of production time in everyday, then I feel like am actually a full time artist/student.

Starting with a few hours of acrylics in the morning, afternoon walk and watercolours, cafe and maybe a few pictures there, but also downloading tutorials and connecting with people, sometimes the odd portrait, but I really do find this break in the day helps push me onwards.