Words, pictures, sound, and 3D, maybe its the same to me, how to express our creativity, not suppressed by category, and rules imposed by society, words, pictures, sound, and 3D, cross borders, freedom to roam, beyond these fictional walls, walls on fiction, creative prison, internment, a detriment, brain creative, independently dependent, words, pictures, sound, and…


It is my cup of tea, Requires a high degree of flexibility, I do not know exactly what I am to be, But know to make its my destiny, To be inspired and you to be, It is logically unfathomable, Lovable and transparently immovable, Creativity please let it be, Here with me incredibly.


To be British, Home of the world, The world is my home, everyone welcome together on this isle, seeing all our colours, makes me smile.


Of the castle, sits on high, regal, afraid of no beagle, leisurely spends the day, Important work, sleep and play, the kings way, Tom cat king.


Walking walking, looking for the bus, cannot find one, which way which way, one way is the only way there, it’s cold on my hands, but I let them be cold, feel the sensation of cold, cold hands is a normal thing, slow hands, like slugs, creeping and delayed, I write and its hard, my…

White on Black on White

Cat hair I see you there, white on black, from a black and white, I know your everywhere, chalk on board, I like to take them one by one, let them float away, plenty more where they came from. Copyright Garvey Harris